HOMER R. DULIN CO. Reliability and economy in the precision calibration and certification of hydraulic and pneumatic flow instruments.

Equipment - Equipment

Gas Flow

Three bell-provers and 11 piston-type volume standards provide flow reference. Gas flow rates range from less than 1cc/m to over 350 CFM using gases such as helium, air, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. Hazardous gases may be simulated to match your flow conditions.


Liquid Flow

Volume provers ranging from 1 cc to 600 gallons along with transfer standards are used for the calibration of turbine flowmeters, magnetic flowmeters and variable-area meters(rotameters). Viscosities from less than 1 to over 100 centistokes are available. Calibrations may be performed at your plant eliminating the requirement for instrument removal and stand down time.